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Down bedding purchased within the last 3 or 4 years should be hung over a line on a warm, sunny, breezy day. Let nature refresh and rejuvenate them. If this is not possible hang them over a couple of chairs near an open window. Placing comforters and pillows in a dryer will fluff up the filling if it has flattened or you may wish to add some filling when you get them cleaned. If your comforters, pillows and feather  beds are over 4  years old, take them to a down care specialist or just get one of the leather corner sofas.

Take care of your leather corner suite by having it cleaned by a professional. Luxury quality down comforters, pillows and feather beds deserve the proper care to protect your investment so you can enjoy your down luxuries for life.

When your down bedding is returned from being cleaned or renovated, remember to always use pillow protectors on pillows, a high thread count lightweight duvet cover to protect your down comforter, and a sofa cover preferably with a baffle wall to allow your newly cleaned feather bed to loft up to its full potential especially if you have added extra filling.

Did you receive an heirloom down comforter from your grandmother? After it is cleaned and renovated you can decide whether to keep the same size or upgrade to a larger size.

Don't forget your down and feather sofa cushions and throw cushions. These too can be cleaned/reconditioned, have extra filling added to plump up a sagging chair or sofa and new ticking to prevent loss of feathers and down. Look for a corner suite in your new ticking if you are having your sofa cushions renovated. Baffling will keep it all in place.
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People often come and ask for my advice when they are in the process of installing new windows and new doors. I want to have as much information as possible so I can advise properly so the frame type and budget are two of the most important pieces of information I can't work without.

Unfortunately these two usually don't match, because people in general wish to get the very best for the least possible amount of money. In this case it means cheap wooden doors. I try to tell them this is something they definitely don't want to have. Wood is a tricky material when it comes to windows and doors because it needs proper build to provide solid insulation and isn't too affected by humidity and temperature changes. And good manufacture and low price just don't go together.

If you're on a budget, you should go with uPVC windows and doors. uPVC is very affordable and comes in all sizes and shapes these days and as far as maintenance goes you can't imagine a more rewarding material. It only needs occasional cleaning and that is it. No painting, no bending because of humidity, nothing. Just install your uPVC window and enjoy yourself  for the next 15 years.

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